When I went to Kashmir, I was received with open arms. 

When I went to Kashmir, my family grew. 

When I went to Kashmir, my heart kept longing for more.

As soon as I saw the beautiful lake, once we left the crowded airport behind, an overwhelming feeling took over me. A sense of excitement mixed with restlessnes, but overshadowed by the beauty that surrounded me.

We stayed at the Heevan the first couple of nights, a house boat floating on the Dal Lake reachable only by the thin wooden shikaras.


The Artisans

As I walked the ancient, crooked streets of the old part of Srinigar, the senses became heightened. Not because of the presence of the army, but due to the thousands of scents, colors and imagery that bombarded the pupils. A festival of one color after the other, and scents of food, animals, textiles and water paints.

The Garden of the Himalayas

The road trip to Pelgham, up in the mountains, was something I was really looking forward to. Leaving Srinigar behind, opened up the skies and the mountains became more present, as if they were welcoming you to the open country.

After many hours of twisting, rocky, cliff hanging roads we reached “paradise on earth”. The nighttime did not allow us to embrace the scenic beauty that that morning brought, but that night I had one of the most memorable dinners of my lifetime. Kashmiri cuisine surrounded by an extended loving family at the farthest point from home I had ever been.

Route & Places to See

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