I would like to say that this small excerpt could make justice to what Peru is really like, but I cannot. Not even the best camera, or a journey of many weeks can capture the magic of this grandiose country. We only scratched the surface with our limited time in Lima and a 4 day trek through the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu.

If there is something that got engraved in my memory when I visited Peru, was the acknowledgement of my limited palate. Once you visit Peru, food, as you know it, is no more.  Peru is inundated with complex flavors from simple ingredients that transport you to another era. Peppers, potatoes, seafood, sauces, roots, corn, all being very familiar but tasting completely different and exquisite.

However, more than the food; more than the majestic mountains; more than meditative walk through the jungle; more than the ancient trail built by the Incas; more than witnessing Machu Picchu when the sun was coming up; more than the gigantic skies; more than the sleeping under unpolluted stars; more than the venturing through the high altitudes and thin air; what I remember the most was the different faces of el PerĂº. Faces with a past, with mixed races, with stories, with wrinkles,  dark, light, with frowns, with smiles.

Faces of Peru.


Route & Places to See

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