The prestige of Santi Carballo's signature.

 Santi Carballo, designer and master craftsman, founded his own label in Las Palmas of Gran Canaria in 2000. He established his own independent workshop of handcrafted leather accesories in 1998.
Fifteen years of hard work have molded Mr. Carballo in an exceptional leader in the principles of craft, design and innovation. 

High end quality products, materials and production processes are mastered by Mr. Carballo. His philosophy is simple, strong character, strong work ethics and continuos innovation. Santi Carballo holds his standards high and continues to raise his own bar with each collection. He is a firm believer of applying methods that care for the environment and social responsibility. An author in every way.

The ABRAGO by Santi Carballo Collection is a partnership between Santi Carballo and Abraham De Funes that searches for high quality craftsmanship, functional design and staying true to the ABRAGO philosophy of handmade premium goods, travel, adventure and the embracing of the human spirit.